Plato Week #6

CSIC Headquarters (Serrano 119, 28006 Madrid),
March 13th - 15th, 2018



CSIC-MADRID, March 13th, 2018                    Choose your favorite! 

The next PLATO Week (#6)  will take place in Madrid, from 13th to 15th March 2018. 

The plenary and associated splinter meetings will be organized within the CSIC Headquarters, located in Madrid downtown (see maps below or look for "Calle Serrano 113, 119 or 121, Madrid" in Google Maps). 

The agenda for the consortium plenary meeting, as well as the allocation of time and meeting rooms will become available by clicking on the tab "Program". 

Registration is open on the tab "Registration".  Please note that it is a standard form for Conferences. Just fill in the info which is applicable to your case. Please make sure you type your email address correctly, since we will use it to distribute any relevant information for/during the meeting.             

CSIC Headquarters are well connected by Metro, Bus and Train,  and they are also close to the airport (~20 minutes in normal traffic conditions). For Info on the Madrid Metro click here. Direct link to a map of the Madrid Metro here.  Closest stations to CSIC are República Argentina, on line 6, or Gregorio Marañón, on line 7. For info and interactive route planner on the fairly extensive Bus network click here.

There will be no hotel pre-reservation for this meeting. You can find a complete list of hotels in Madrid here. The initial map will be open at the CSIC area.  The page is in Spanish, but we suggest to go then to your preferred hotel reservation page to make a reserve. Within the CSIC campus you can also find the "CSIC Residencia de Estudiantes", indeed the official CSIC residence for visiting researchers, not for students,  a quite convenient option. 

CSIC Headquarters are located on a non-residential area. You will need most likely to use public transport to go there from your hotel.   

Social dinner

  • The dinner will take place on Tuesday 13th  at LA COCINA DE SAN ANTÓN, Calle de Augusto Figueroa, 24, 28004 Madrid
  • The menu includes options based on meat and fish. Please let us know when registering at the Doodle any dietary restriction. 
  •  If you plan to attend, please register before Friday march 9th at noon at this Doodle poll. You will be asked to select your preference (meat, fish, veggie, special...). Please remind what you have selected when coming to the dinner!! 
    If you decide to join us after the deadline please contact us to see whether it would be feasible and, in any case, fill in the Doodle. 
  • LocationClosest Metro station: Chueca.  
  • Please pay in advance for the dinner at the time of registration on Tuesday 13th (35 €).  Try to bring the exact amount to ease the process.  



Coffee breaks 

Coffee breaks will be served at the hall of the Main Building on Tuesday and Wednesday, and at the Residencia de Estudiantes on Thursday. 

General info  

  • If you take a taxi, ask for CSIC, Serrano 121. They should know. There is flat rate of 30€ from the airport to any location inside the peripheral M30, and viceversa, including CSIC and most likely any of your hotels. At any time, with any baggage.
  • To take a taxi in Madrid you simple raise your hand and stop the first you see with the green light on. Specifically, there should be a rather continuous flow of free taxis passing by the CSIC gate. You wouldn't have to wait longer than few minutes, at most. There is no need to ask for a taxi in advance. Uber and Cabify are also active in Madrid. 
  • There is also a good Metro and Train (Cercanias) connection between the airport and the CSIC area, at a cost of 4.5€ (Metro) and ~3€ (Train). Note: train only if you arrive to Terminal 4!.
  • There will be WiFi connection in all meeting rooms, either by Eduroam or the "Invitados" SSID, in this case with a specific username/password for the meeting that you will get at the time of registration. Please note that we have been allocated a maximum of 120 devices simultaneously connected to the Invitados SSID. Try not to connect your laptop, tablet and mobile at the same time.
  • Unfortunately, there are really very few power plugs in the auditorium, and only few ones in the meeting rooms. Bring your batteries as full as possible.
  • IMPORTANT:  CSIC display systems accept only a classical VGA input connector.  If you plan to make a presentation with your laptop be sure to bring the corresponbding adaptor from your I/F to VGA. 
  • Weather prospects in Madrid. 
  • Lunch will be possible at the CSIC canteen (standard canteen meals) only between 12:45 - 13:45. I am sure you will appreciate that we have managed to have a rather European-like timing (in Madrid we use to have lunch at around 15:00, +- 30 min).


  • J. Miguel Mas-Hesse:   +34 915202107,   +34 615145651
  • Ana Balado:


This Web portal will be updated continuously in the coming days. It will become the standard way for communicating any info to the participants in the different meetings. Please monitor it frequently!